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 Armani once said: "The T-shirt is the Alpha and Omega of Fashion".

A T-shirt is a garment usually with short sleeves and round neck. It is usually made with cotton thread, which makes it a fresh, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It can be used as underwear, but in warm climates it is often worn as the only garment on the upper body.

Since the fifties they have been a symbol of the urban way of life, a synonymous of style, a common garment in streetwear. It is not just a fashion theme, the T-shirts are part of the personality of people, their character, teach their tastes and allows them to define a genuine and original appearance.

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Harebrained Days

T-shirt with cuba, salsa, dance and classic car theme       Original drawing diAS® Manual screen...
Price €14.88
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Days at the Rave

T-shirt with space theme and electronic music (2020)      Original drawing diAS® Manual screen...
Price €14.88
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Tough Days

T-shirt with the theme of the sea, overcoming and life experience (2020)       Original drawing diAS®...
Price €19.83