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diAS® offers a selection of useful accessories for your everyday life. We have chosen these utensils because, for many of us, they serve us as an extension of our bodies.

We have tapped into the daily routine that most of us have. Trying to look from an outside perspective any limitation that can be canceled with the an useful object. The different moments of the day or the level of mobility in certain occasions are scenarios that made this selection of accessories pertinent.

Facilitating the lives of efforts given in prol of what we want to live is one of our greatest joys. This section is ideal if you are looking for a special gift for someone you recognize that is trying hard to get what is needed. Or someone who needs an incentive to start a adventure due to his or her immense talent. Perhaps it is a good place also to find a perfect "souvenir", one that besides being useful will serve as a symbol of friendship and unconditional support.

The accessories that we bring to you here, are made with the best quality in mind. Studied meticulously from the level of the materials they are composed of, their robustness and longevity. Very important factors for you to keep seeing the products of the diAS brand as quality articles.

In addition to quality, aesthetics and the symbolism of moving forward, moving by what matters and other messages of that nature are the best value that always consists of what we present.ssories and accessories for your Streetwear look. Now it's your turn to highlight conjugating our t-shirts with accessories that will reveal your true personality.

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diAS cork wallet

diAS wallet Cork wallet Elegant design and with many compartments Soft touch and intelligent design with space for...
Price €15.00
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Cork Wallet diAS ® Exploranza

Exploranza Collection 2019 Buy Cork Wallet from diAS ® Elegant and usefull design Soft touch and smart design with...
Price €10.33

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