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The diAS® brand not only has the mission of covering your body with what you carry in your soul, but also wants to help you carry the objects you need in your daily adventures. And, for that matter, we have opened this space with a selection of handbags and backpacks.

Every day there are things to do. Tasks to fulfill People to talk to Errands to deliver And, for those mini stories that we live throughout the day, there is always a need to transport various objects to ensure the success of our trips. Security, protection and versatility are factors that we took into account to ensure that each product fulfills its purpose.

With the vision of having to relocate and the need to carry what we need according to the destination we are looking for, we bring you a selection of backpacks and bags that can be very helpful in the troubled daily that the Vusa often gives us. in the city.

The bags and backpacks that we design and create for you have the purpose of being a support, an alternative and, as always, a symbol of an active person on your way to what is most important. All its materials and manufacturing processes were designed so that these objects face the challenge of time so that the DIAS message can prevail and inspire everyone to stay ahead.

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