Find out what is our commitment to more ethical clothing and healthier days for the planet.

To do this, we look for select raw materials without compromising quality or comfort.

The world changes and its needs also. Finally, the existence of a selfish and self-centered human race ceases to be of use. It is too late to ignore our planet and not take in consideration who has always taken care of us. It is no longer useful to be blind, deaf or mute on this matter. The days have changed for us to be a more ethical and responsible society towards the future.

And, it is following this philosophy that we have begun an internal review process to include in our products only materials from sustainable or ecological sources. Although we have already started this process, and many of our garments have made this leap, we continue to study and be attentive on how we can improve this vision into the aspects of the production and manufacture of the articles.

The raw materials that we use in our garments are:

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is one that is grown free of toxic substances such as fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides of petrochemical origin.

organic cotton

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is simply polyester produced from recycled sources: PET bottles, industrial polyester waste, and even clothing.


All our sources have ethical and quality certifications. On each product page, you can see in the description, the information coming from the factories with which we work to offer you a healthy, ecological product, one that does not enslave anyone, one that promotes good karma.


OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 - certificat d'approbation de la qualité en termes de matières premières textiles, de produits intermédiaires et finaux et d'étapes de production


FAIR WEAR Certification - Organization dedicated to the improvement of working conditions in clothing manufacturing factories.


SEDEX - certificate that approves the ethical commitment and social responsibility according to sustainability principles.


WRAP - certificate that approves legal, humane and ethical manufacturing.


OCS, Certified Organic Content Standard - The certification that allows the commercialization of textile products based on ecological fibers throughout the world

Ecological inks

Although that limits us in the level of detail in the designs we print, we sacrifice some aspects in our illustrations to provide a more ecological product.

It is public knowledge that solvent-based paints are highly polluting, but offer highly acceptable quality, detail and coating characteristics.

However, we opted to use only water-based inks. These pollute infinitely less in comparison. This decision forces us to make designs with thicker lines and many times to opt for a manual stamping process that requires much more physical effort and time than solvent-based inks.


Also our packaging tries to be aligned according to a philosophy of sustainability. 85% is made from recycled cardboard. At the moment we continue to pack the garments in a plastic envelope to protect them in case of bad weather or accidents during transport. But we will change it very soon. We are reviewing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic that allow us safe and waterproof protection to ship our garments.

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