This is the official statement on how we position ourselves as a clothing brand. On this page we want to determine the commitment we have with our irreplaceable planet, our invaluable clients, our incredible collaborators and suppliers, and, our beloved team.

Help the world prosper

We maintain a responsible attitude and cultivate sustainable concepts in our work processes. We understand that the supply chain that support the world of fashion must be sustainable. In that sense, we make decisions not to condone with companies that exploit human beings. We do not buy raw materials resulting from processes that pollute the environment or promote animal violence. We can only achieve our purpose by firmly holding these decisions in all the steps of the supply chain that we create to our end customer. Our Supplier Code of Conduct explains what we expect from the raw materials and fabrics we use, what kind of work environment the manufacturers we contract must cultivate, and what the partners we choose to work with should be proud of. It is with this purpose, ethically and in accordance with the applicable laws that we make our way to a healthier world.

Our Moral Compass

Ethical conduct and integrity are a strong foundation for trustworthy business relationships that create shared value. Therefore, these principles must be reflected in our collaborators, suppliers so that they can be praised by our clients and create the desired impact of creating a more diverse, rich and healthy world.

Obey the law

As a responsible business, we expect our partners to share our commitment to upholding the law.
We expect our supplier partners to:
Know and follow the laws that apply to them and their business.
That they treat the legal requirements as a minimum standard, and, that they notify us of any important problem with the goods and services they provide, especially those that could generate health and safety problems.

Business with integrity

We seek business relationships based on trust, transparency, mutual responsibility and a defined environmental awareness.
We want to compete fairly and ethically so we do not agree to work with anyone who accepts bribes, kickbacks, gifts or inappropriate hospitality. Nor do we accept working with companies without an environmental policy in place.
We seek to be fair and avoid any conflict of interest related to financial interests or other agreements with our collaborators that may be considered inappropriate.


We expect our suppliers to keep accurate and honest records. This helps us make responsible business decisions and disclose accurate and timely information to our stakeholders.
We expect our supplier partners to:
Maintain books and records that reflect all transactions accurately, honestly, and in a timely manner.
Employ appropriate quality audit and compliance processes for issues such as source and quality of materials, quality of work, health and safety of workers.

Commercial commitments

We are dedicated in sharing a work environment founded on the desire to build productive business relationships. This requires honest communications, mutual respect, and meeting commitments.
We expect our supplier partners to:
Share our commitment in doing business honestly and transparently.
Meet business obligations and manage unforeseen events proactively, timely and openly.

Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

We expect our suppliers to be committed in defending the reputation of our brand and any information or property that we entrust to them. We expect loyalty to protect any confidential information of diAS to which they have access, including the intellectual property, trade secrets or financial information shared with them. They must protect any property that belongs to diAS while it is under their control and avoid situations that may negatively affect our business interests or reputation.