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If you think this place is just a T-shirt store... you're right, but not quite! At diAS we have transformed our passion for design and illustration in a way to develop original clothing and urban style from wich you can break stereotypes and get out of mediocrity.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, trousers, caps and other accessories are the canvases on which we work on to offer you a new experience for your Street Style. We break the uniformity and behind each design there is a work full of inspiration that we care to shape and let go to you.

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At diAS we want to remain Human and we want that all of you who visit us know our life philosophy, the four aces that define us and from which you can feel involved: Resolve, Strive, Reach and Eclipse. Know our winning spirit and play your cards with us!

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The diAS brand

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Original Designs

Each garment in our online store, is designed with care. We focus on providing a unique personality, and for this, we get inspired by everything that surrounds us from film, music, literature, art to nature and life itself. Any moment is good to come up with a draft , but giving life to it is what we try to perfect everyday so you can make it yours each time you choose a diAS garment or complement.

  • Quality Check


    The work that we put on each garment cannot be shown on a fabric that is not of quality. The designs that we present are printed by silk-screen, embroidery and sublimation. And they are manually applied on each garment. T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, caps and backpacks are made with selected quality materials to guarantee that your design will last longer.

  • We travel

    Our products travel all over the world, spreading the philosophy that represents us. The diAS clothes are already walking the streets of London, Milan, Sidney, Amsterdam and Berlin. If you are a globetrotter, become our ambassador and show yourself with one of our products in the places you are discovering because our spirit wants to reach every corner of the planet. We are diAS (days in Spanish), we are travelers, we are free.

The Team

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    You have discovered me, I am Érico, the creative soul of all this adventure that you have before your eyes and with which I am able to continue develop my creativity. For who wants to know me, I am a Designer, painter and writer. For those who want to know even more about me, I am a Dreamer, rebel and hustler.

    Through my designs I recreate my own reality and the desire to change what distorts it.

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    I am who turns Erico's dreams into something tangible. I work in printing, embroidery and sublimation and in the finishing of each garment. I enjoy every minute of the work involved in placing the essence in each garment, in each accessory. Because it is the spirit that led us to launch a personal and differentiating brand.

    I cannot stand uniformity and line work and days I get rid of the two.


  • I love the style of the shirts! I had a problem with one size and the return worked perfectly. All perfect!

    DJ Boiler BoyCarlos Crocco

  • Love your designs, I have 2 of your t-shirts and will be back for more.

    Martin Taylor

  • Attractive clothes and incredible designs that awaken sensations and diverse experiences!

    Juan Araque